dvs.dps.mn – Renew Driver’s License in Minnesota

dvs.dps.mn.gov, Renew Driver’s License in Minnesota

There are a few different step to renew a driver’s license or non-driver ID in Minnesota. Renew your identification:

  1. Online.
  2. By mail (for residents currently out-of-state).
  3. In person.

Commercial drivers or REAL ID first-time applicants must renew in person. If you are turning 21 you must be within 3 weeks of your birthday to renew.

dvs.dps.mn.gov, Renew Minnesota Driver’s License Online

Minnesota driver’s may renew their ID or licenses online provided they do NOT need to change their:

*Name or signature.
*License number.

To renew online, visit the Driver and Vehicle Services (DVS) online portal and:

  1. Click “Apply for or Renew a Driver’s License or State ID.”
  2. Click “Apply for a Driver’s License.”
  3. Follow the prompts. You’ll need to provide your:

Driver’s license or ID number.
Date of birth.
Social security number (SSN).
Bank account information for payment.

Once your transaction is completed you will be mailed your new license or ID card.


Renew Minnesota License by Mail dvs.dps.mn.gov

If you are out-of-state, you may renew your MN license by mail. NOTE: You will have to visit a local DVS location within 30 days to have your photo taken. You must email the DPS to request an application packet.

In your email, be sure to include your:

Full name.
Mailing address.

Once you’ve received the packet:

Complete the form and sign and notarize.
Complete the vision report and have it signed by the examiner (for driver’s licenses only).
Include a check or money order (checks only for expedited licenses).
Mail your items to the DVS address provided on your packet.

*NOTE: If you choose to expedite your renewal, you must provide a real address and not a P.O. box, military address, or foreign address.

dvs.dps.mn.gov, Renew MN Driver’s License in Person

To renew your driver’s license or non-driver ID in person, visit your local driver’s license office or exam station and provide your:
Current license or ID (can be up to 5 years expired). SSN. Proof of legal name change (if applicable). This must be a court-ordered document such as a divorce decree or marriage certificate. Payment for your license fee.
You will be asked to complete a vision exam and a renewal application.
Commercial drivers will also be asked to provide medical certification and proof of citizenship.
MN License Renewal Fees
Class D license: $32. Class A license (under 21 years old): $31. Class A license (21 and older): $51. Class B license: $43. Class C license: $36. Non-driver ID (under 65 years old): $21.50. Non-driver ID (65 and older): $20.75.

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